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Drought ridden saffron fields of Pampore ©Hamish Scott-Brown

Pink Lady Food Photography Awards 2018 – Double silvers awarded

``Anyone can take a picture...a person with a passion sees the picture before it's taken.``


Awards night at The Mall Galleries, London for The 2018 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year


Photographic Journeys are delighted to announce that again in 2018, they are Finalists in this year’s prestigious ‘Pink Lady Food Photography Awards’ held at the Mall Galleries in London. 

2 silvers for ‘Train Traders’ and ‘The Politics of Food’ were awarded last night by Pru Leith and Caroline Kenyon where over 8,000 entries from  60 countries came together in a celebration of colour, taste and perfectly washed down with Taittinger champagne

Equipment: Fuji XPro 2 , 35mm f1.4 , 18mm f2

Location 1: Goat-herder – Bagan, Central Myanmar
Location 2: Drought fields  – Pampore Saffron Fields, Kashmir
Location 3: Train Traders – Aungban Train Station, Shan State, Myanmar
Photographic Journey: Myanmar 2019 and Dal Lake Kashmir TBC

This prestigious and coveted award has been running now for 7 years and annually draws entries from almost 9,000 images spanning 60 countries. From styled food for magazines to images of families eating together in celebration of religious festivals, from depictions of the realities of food production to food grown in its natural setting.

Tonight at the Mall Galleries the winners from the 21 categories were be announced and the overall winner awarded the prize.   Sponsors from companies as broad as M&S Food, Taittinger Champagne, Errazuriz Wines, Intercontinental Hotel Group and of course Pink Lady Apples will be there along with the biggest names in world food photography and food preparation.


Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year was founded by Caroline Kenyon and her team at The Food Awards Company.


The idea for the Awards arose from two decades of experience commissioning photography and the wish to see this wonderful and vibrant sector of photography given the recognition it deserves.

Goat herders at dusk, Bagan, Myanmar Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year shortlisted entry ©Hamish Scott-Brown
Goat Herder at dusk – Bagan

Shortlisted in the ‘Food in the Field’ category, an image depicting the simple and humbling life of a goat-herder returning at sundown from the dusty fields outside her village near Bagan, Myanmar

a food seller on a Burmese train in Myanmar ©Hamish Scott-Brown
Train Traders – Myanmar

Captured on the Myanmar train network was a series of images following the many traders that work daily selling food, snacks, drinks and almost anything to travellers on the beautiful old wooden seated trains of Burma.


It is a rail network that to travel on is a delight in itself and witness first hand how this fragile economy is now growing yet the old fashioned ways of times gone by still remain evident in everyday Burmese or Myanmar life.

Drought ridden saffron fields of Pampore ©Hamish Scott-Brown
Drought ridden fields of Pampore – Kashmir

This series of images followed and captured the Saffron farmers of Pampore and the tiny community of Kashmiri farmers growing this difficult yet precious bulb in formidable circumstances and political issues.


Trade is down due to imports from neighbouring countries that threaten this expensive but volatile spice, only grown in the soil around Pampore.

Recent irrigation catastrophes in Kashmir have destabilised the water supply and this years crop was a total disaster….wiping out an entire year’s worth of farming.

Technical Advice and Information

I’ve always promoted the fact that while on a Photographic Journey it is important to realise that we are not primarily and purely  a landscape photography holiday but enthusiastically promote a documentary and ‘real’ style of photography.


Our locations are chosen  to give you the opportunities to actively capture real life as it happens and in as many natural environments as possible. It’s not always possible to escape 100% from the eager traveller and tourist and of course there will be times when as a group we meet and engage with other travellers.


Social documentary photography is a skill that does require practice and a hands on, real-life practical application. Use the skills you pick up and learn while out with us and then hone them at home – Documentary is nothing more than be able to see a clear picture and relate it in a story/series of images.

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Hamish Scott-Brown

Professional Photographer / Co-founder & workshop leader