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  • sunset over Ben Lomond from the banks of Loch ard © Hamish Scott-Brown

Sunset over Ben Lomond from Loch Ard

Fuji XPro2, 23mm f1.4 (-2/3rd stop)

Dramatic red sunset over Ben Lomond from the banks of Loch Ard  24.03.17

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.<br />

Friday 24th March 2017 pretty much everyone all over the UK  saw this amazing sunset. From the numbers of blog posts and Aurora watchers observing the night sky on Friday24th, the Westward skyline displayed the most amazing colours and it was not a complex shot to set up or capture, which goes to prove that really it is not always about the equipment you use.

Shot from the small shingle beach at our friends’ beautiful home on Loch Ard after an amazing day. There was no tripod, no complex exposure calculations and no expensive Lee filters needed. This was one of those evenings where it all just happened in front of you and all that was needed was a steady hand and patience.

I underexposed the image by 2/3rds of a stop and then brought back some detail later from the .RAF file.


We often overlook the opportunities we have in this beautiful country we live in and it’s important not to ever lose sight or faith in what we can achieve with a simple camera, lens and a location that presents itself well

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