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Oarsman at night, river Ganges © Hamish Scott-Brown

Varanasi and The River Ganges

Nikon D750, 35mm 1.4

As the sun sets, the city begins to fill with people and as it has done for centuries, the rituals of prayer and homage begin the second after the sun sets.

During the day in Varanasi you walk alongside the dead being carefully carried by their family, friends and helpers to their last and final resting place.

The entire city is shrouded with the overwhelming feeling and inside knowledge that you are in *the* most holy of holy cities in India. The very river that if you bathe in it or have your ashes scattered here you will reach 'Moksha' - total remission of sin and instant Nirvana.

From the sunrise in the morning at Varanasi with the morning pujas, the chanting, and the huge red sun rising over the river to the east to the sunset and the darkness as you row down the Ganges … the prayers and chants echo over the water in rhythm to the splash of the oars and the reflected light from the pyres on the ghats, lighting the darkness as cremation after cremation go on, 24hrs a day – it’s really one of the most spiritually overwhelming places I’ve been to. Ever.

Ganges and Varanasi tour being finalised – Dates in late 2017 will be released soon

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