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& The Road to Mandalay




EXERTION LEVEL: Light to Moderate

TUTOR:  Hamish Scott-Brown


  • 4* Hotel Accommodation throughout
  • Meals (breakfasts and included dinner each evening)
  • All Internal flights within Myanmar. (Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Yangon)
  • Full ground transportation, hotel transfers, incl 4×4 transport
  • English speaking guides and translators
  • One-to-One tuition/review time with Hamish Scott-Brown
  • Boat Rentals at Inle Lake
  • Truck Rental in Loikaw and Mandalay


  • International flights to Yangon
  • Single room occupancy supplement £330.00
  • Any Meals/drinks not mentioned above
  • Myanmar Visa (available at http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/ )
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses in each hotel
  • Tips (we advise & arrange this on arrival)
  • International departure tax at Yangon
  • Any early check-in or late check-outs
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N ow in it’s 2nd year of running, this Photographic Journey to Myanmar has been painstakingly planned to the ‘inth degree by co-founder Hamish Scott-Brown and the overseas team in Yangon to ensure photographers receive the maximum amount of photographic experience with the least amount of hassle. 2018 was an almost immediate sell out and we are proud to be able to offer this tour again in 2019, just after the SWPP Photography Convention closes.

Markets, factories,  train rides, mountain hill tribes, Inle lake at dawn, sunset fishing, and temples at sunrise and sunset, all designed to give you an amazing insight and experience which will furnish you with more photographic opportunities that you can imagine.



The light at this time of year is perfect for landscapes and the soft amber tones, long shadows in the morning and evening and breathtaking views will last you a lifetime while your photographic learning experience will be guided by multi-award winning photographer & ‘Photographic Journeys’ founder, Hamish Scott-Brown.

Carefully working with our partners in Yangon, we have specially designed this tour to offer you the opportunities you simply will not find on any ‘off the shelf’ trip to Myanmar.




Be inspired by Ben McNamara’s beautiful short video as he explored Myanmar in 2015.

This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know about.

Rudyard Kipling (1889)


This very unique and special Myanmar photography workshop and holiday with ‘Photographic Journeys’ starts in the capital city of Yangon.


We take some time there to visit the monasteries and temples, markets and public areas before flying north to Bagan. Famous for its thousands of Buddhist temples and monuments rising through the green forest canopy we’ll be spending several days here to take in sunsets, sunrises, and the local Mandalay way as it has gone on for centuries.


We then head to Amarapura and on to Inle Lake and the hill tribe area of Loikaw before returning to Yangon. We fly between the major cities as this cuts our travel time and offers us maximum time to see, photograph, experience. eat and relax.

Myanmar is a fast changing country that in the few years since it was freed from it’s oppressive regime has seen a big increase in tourism.


However this increasing tourism will take some time to change ancient ways in a country that is said to have over 100 cultures, and for photographers it is this ancient and unchanged land that is the visual and cultural magnet, and for almost all visiting it, they return saying it was like stepping into living pages of ‘The National Geographic Magazine’. circa 1910.


Rudyard Kipling wrote of Burma ‘This is Burma….it will be quite unlike any land you know about.’ and we want you to be able to visit this amazing country before it does change and become like so many other SE Asian countries that are hungry for Westernisation.

In effect the country of Myanmar (Burma) was like a time capsule until 2011 and we are only in its sixth year of being fully open to visitors.

Life takes on a very much slower pace here and you’ll be able to meet, travel amongst and interact with these charming and traditional cultures that Myanmar so proudly still clings on to


Transport in the rural areas is still by horse-cart, trishaw and bicycle.  Men proudly wear the traditional long skirt (longyi) and most people will be covered in the traditional make-up of thanakha.

Betel nut chewing faces are still very much a way of the lifestyle here and the British Colonial introduction of tea drinking is found everywhere in Myanmar’s thousands of tea houses.


Monasteries still function the way they did hundreds of years ago, monks and nuns are seen going about their daily lives undisturbed while markets and trade starts at sunrise and goes on into the hours of darkness.


We’ll rise before dawn to capture spectacular sunrises and transfer back to base and discuss our work together in a small group. Rest time is important too. Time in the comfort of the beautiful 4* air-conditioned hotels will allow you one-to-one time with Hamish to work on your images and discuss new ideas for the next day’s visual experience.

From the point that you land in Myanmar until the point you return you will find photographic opportunities in all directions and we’ll help you build a portfolio of images which you’ll be proud to present on return as well as assisting you with basics of photography to more complex aspects of post production as we take time in the hours of high sun and afternoon to review work and help you gain a better understanding of your photography.

We have carefully chosen the accommodation with guidance from our Myanmar experts to enable us to relax and unwind after day’s shooting


While this is a photography workshop it’s important to remember that comfort is important too and it is a holiday also and rest needs to be built in to busy schedules of travel.

During the day we can eat together at lunch or explore independently (should this be part of the plan) but we meet back at night after a rest and eat together with both breakfast and evening meal being included for all photographers to ease the hassle of finding the right place.


We’ve chosen this time of year as it best suits the light we are looking for both in Yangon and up country when we fly internally  to Bagan, on to  Inle lake, and then Mandalay & Loikaw and take 4x4s to the hill tribes.


We have specifically resourced the right guides and connections in Myanmar, and worked alongside our partners in Yangon to create an amazing itinerary that covers the dawn and dusk landscapes, small artisans working in wood, forestry workers, noodle makers, kitchens and local open air markets in off the beaten track villages. We have also considered too that full on workshops are tiring too and we’ll take time each day to recap on our work, discuss results, look at post processing in Adobe LightRoom and give you guidance on how best to bring your work ‘alive‘ with techniques in Adobe Photoshop and give you feedback to assist you as we progress through the workshop.

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This tour, like all of our workshops, is a bespoke tour designed by ‘Photographic Journeys’ alongside our selected partners and guides.
sunset at bagan myanmar photography workshop 2018


Myanmar is a country that is changing fast and moving forward quickly to join it’s other South East Asian counterparts, but there does remain that ancient mysticism and culture to be found both in the cities and in the outlying areas.

Rather than focus on the landscapes, we encourage our photographers to build a portfolio of the culture, the people, the smells and tastes, the dawn light and the fading amber sun at dusk. While we understand that not everyone feels comfortable working on people studies and portraits we will help you overcome any fears you have approaching relative strangers but care must also be taken to embrace the destinations differing cultural values and etiquette.


Markets will provide opportunities to photograph people, still lifes, food, animals and the special locations we will be visiting for genuine artisans at work, local fishing, and fabrications, as well as the train we take in Yangon near the start, will be a most special opportunity. Rather than drive everywhere, we know that photographic opportunities are missed and we’ll dive right into the real Myanmar and experience it at it’s very best.


sunset over stupas at Bagan myanmar


International travel (flights to Yangon) should be arranged by yourself to coincide with the tour starting from Yangon on January 15th.

We are happy to advise you on what times and suitable flights can be arranged and suggest you enquire on the Emirates Airlines option for simplicity, comfort and timings that co-incide or you could just contact Avocet Travel Management who will be happy to organise you with the right flight and any insurance that you may need.

Avocet are our ABTA & IATA bonded travel partners based here in the UK and manage our SE Asian tours in Vietnam and have access to special flights and rates for economy and Premium economy travel from Heathrow and regional airports.


There are 4 Internal domestic flights to (i) Bagan/Nyaung U, (ii) Mandalay, (iii) Heho and the drive up to Loikaw with the final internal domestic flight (iv) to Yangon from Loikaw. These internal flights and logistics are managed by our partners in Yangon and fully included in the price of the photographic holiday to Myanmar.


Dollars are the preferred currency to exchange in Myanmar. New clean dollars bills are more readily exchanged for the local currency (kyat) and exchange rates will vary significantly depending on where you go, which is why we have opted for meals to be taken care of in our destinations, hotels and restaurants. ATMs are still in a minority and Credit Card payments can be made when VISA/AMEX and Mastercard is available.

Water is also supplied each day along with cooling towels when we arrive at each destination.

Myanmar is like a landscape and culture still to be discovered and in many places it still is yet untouched….the question is for how much longer ?


You may be a relative newcomer to photography and be wanting to learn some basics with your camera equipment but you may also be quite familiar with controls, technique, style and ways of working. We’ll be able to work with you in the small group ratio, ensuring you receive the right input for your own ability level.


We won’t overcomplicate your trip and time with us discussing hyperfocal lengths, visual syntax or ‘Gestalt perception’ if you are really only requiring guidance on camera basics, but if you feel you want to experiment and try new ideas then we’ll be able to guide you.


We want you to return home with a visual story of your Journey to Myanmar that is complete, resolved and informed and one that you’ll be proud of enough to want to tell the story visually in books, wall art or online galleries.

Myanmar will offer everything to the landscape lover, the people photographer, the social documentary maker and the detail visualist and you’ll find your own pathway once there and in situ.

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